Rinker's Readers is an organization originally funded through Danville Central School District's Mini-Grant Program. We are a not-for-profit (501 (c)3) through Canandaigua National Bank's FLACE program. We are dedicated to promoting literacy starting at infancy, that will last a lifetime. We believe that opening books opens doors of the future.


This site is dedicated to providing families in Dansville, NY with resources to help promote literacy with their children.


Our primary goal is to show families that by opening a book, by being exposed to words and language, we are giving our children the greatest gift and are setting them up for a successful future where many doors will be open to them. We are fostering a love of reading in the early years of life.



Thanks to the following who are helping to make our dream a reality with their generous financial contributions and/or help:
Brittney Rowe
Mary Haywood on behalf of Grandma Ceil
Muchler Financial
Mill Creek Optical
Christy Halpenny
Chamberlin-Baird Funeral Home
Mary Haywood in Memory of Grandma Ceil
Caroline Gerard
Barry Haywood
Virginia Johnson
Rob & Mary Rinker
Lisa Tangent
The National Home Library Foundation
The New York State Festival of Balloons LTD.
The International Paper Foundation
Dansville Rotary Club
Stony Brook Pediatrics
Megan Unger & Fluttering Shutter Photography
Sonya Caruso
Nadine Avallone
Peggy Collins
Betty Coughlin
Karen Gabriel
Mary Breslin
Women, Infants & Children (WIC) of Livingston & Wyoming Counties
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Cynthia Dupree (Alum, Class of '01)
Doug Emblidge & Channel 13 staff
Debbie Betts
Nancy Harrington
William Coughlin
Christine Hanlon
Budding Readers

Founder of Rinker's Readers


I am a mom, wife, and librarian in Dansville, NY. I am passionate about words and language, and am a lifelong learner.


I had a vision of starting this program to help chidren and families in our community; to give them the tools and resources they need to be educated about literacy and all of the benefits of being literate and contributing in a local and global aspect. On top of that, I really just want to teach people about how much FUN reading is!


I love the Dansville community and all that it stands for. We are driven, we have strong roots (I am a 2001 graduate) and we care about each other. This program began to help others.


I have to thank the Dansville Shared Decision Making Team for helping to make my dream become a reality with funding from a mini-grant. Also, specifically, Barb Pamper, Lynne Blum, and Kim Derrenbacher; their guidance and feedback has been invaluable.


I owe the Ontario County NY organization, Budding Readers,  my utmost thanks and appreciation. They were the inspiration for Rinker's Readers and they supported my program from day one. "Thanks" doesn't seem like enough for them.


I am extremely grateful for Rita Nischal and Scott Trumbower and Canandaigua National Bank's FLACE Program who have made the process of becoming a not-for-profit a seamless and wonderful process. I thank them for their immediate support for this organization. With them I thank my Advisory Board: Jessica Barber, Sean Carroll, Kim Derrenbacher, Peter Harrington, and Ani Rosario--your belief in this organization and in my vision mean more to me than you'll ever know. 


I also have to thank my husband, Josh, and my parents and sisters for their continuous support and encouragement.


And of course, Cedella, my little Rinker Reader....without her this never would have happened.